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"A good barber takes care of people.

A good barbershop takes care of its employees."

At The Proper Barber, treating our team properly is our top priority. We set you up for success at every stage of your career. We provide the tools you need to maintain and elevate the quality of your work, to build skills that help you grow, to continuously hone your craft, and to build the confidence you need to be the very best. We do all of this for you in an inspiring, supportive environment filled with diverse, creative craftspeople.

Ready to work in a proper work environment? Join our team today!


The future is proper

Are you ready to leave your current shop? Are you a newly licensed barber looking for a shop to call home? Are you a customer experience-focused salesperson looking for an inspiring environment? Take the next step and apply for an open position.

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

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